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Jaymes Grace
Founder and Principal
Xavier Grace

Jaymes Grace, a blogger -intermittently, website designer -on occasion, socioeconomics enthusiast -all the time! Jaymes is a highly regarded and referred social media marketing consultant who has developed and taught on-line courses in social media and social media marketing.

Once introduced to social media and social media marketing in 2010, Jaymes became an early adopter. In 2010 after attending Social Media Week in New York, Jaymes helped to organize and host one of the first Social Media week's in the country. 

One of the things that truly makes Jaymes unique is his innate ability to encourage and inspire. 

Xavier Grace is generation Millennial. One of the top five things that make Millennials unique is Technology use. Xavier is no exception to this rule - with a forte in Instagram and Snapchat - the two fastest growing social media platforms.

Xavier is by far not your average Millennial though, having already served ten years in the U.S. Air Force, he lends a diverse perspective.